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ECOTECH MARINE Radion XR15 Freshwater Pro G4 LED Lighting System


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Radion XR15 Freshwater Pro G4 LED Lighting System

EcoTech Marine’s newest generation of Radion LED Lighting Systems, the G4, revolutionizes the LED lighting unit once again. With increased simplicity, power, and beauty, the Radion G4 LED Lighting System is primed to be the new shining star of your aquarium. The Radion G4 utilizes HEI lenses, the most sophisticated lens design available on the market today. HEI lenses are capable of delivering the light uniformity and color mixing of halide T5 combo, all without sacrificing the power and efficiency of your LEDs. This makes the G4 a massive improvement over previous Radion models, which did not utilize HEI Optics.

Aside from the technical power of the Radion G4, EcoTech Marine has also boosted the efficiency of these units. The G4’s new heat sink has been redesigned in order to maximize surface area and allow for superior heat dispersion. With the use of multiple open channels, air flow is unrestricted, creating a new and highly effective heat management system which greatly cuts down on the need for active cooling, limiting fan and airflow noise created by the unit.

The Radion features a highly customizable white output, strengthened with the usage of RGB LEDs, to create a beautiful, vivid light source designed to boost plant health. The Radion’s LED clusters has been configured with the new HEI lenses in mind, helping the Radion take full use of its new and improved build. HEI lenses deliver more usable light area, meaning the Radion G4 provides more coverage than ever before. By spreading the light throughout your aquarium, HEI lenses create a significantly wider optimal area of intensity, brightening up your habitat, increasing usable space for plants, and limiting shadowing in the aquarium.

EcoTech Marine products are known for their high tech features, and the Radion is no exception. Fully connected to the EcoSmart Live cloud-based equipment command center. Fully control and customize your LED lights and other EcoTech products from the command center – all you need is an internet connection! Because your data is stored in the cloud, you can feel safe and comfortable setting up elaborate lighting schedules for your 24 hour cycle, as your programming data is backed up on EcoTech Marine’s secure servers. Programming features on EcoSmart Live include acclimation ramping, weather features, lunar cycle support and more! The Radion provides unparalleled control over your lighting, making this the ideal LED system for your freshwater aquarium.

7″ x 7″ x 1.5″


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